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Edgar Lucian Larkin makes the statement that it is as intensely scientific to say, “ WE MUST BE GOOD, PURE, AND TRUE” as to say, “THE INTEGRAL OF ALL DIFFERENTIALS IS THE UNIT ONE.”


Not being mathematicians we would not think of expressing the thought in this way, but through the various experiences of life there is no doubt that many have reached the place where they can appreciate the truth of this statement.


Though we may have reached the point where we have understanding that this is true, we may yet find that the path toward this perfect life is hedged about with the briers of our past habits of selfishness, self-indulgence, and our materialistic thoughts.  How can we become good, pure, and true? Right thinking is at least the first step toward this state of perfection, and for that reason probably the most important. Of course, right action must follow, or the thought seed will not flower. The good rises in thought that it may be spoken and acted.


Thus every thought brings forth after its kind, and goodness, purity, and truth to be manifested in the without, must first be realized in the within.


This law is always operating, and we are all living in the midst of good and evil thought forces that are being continually sent out. They affect us all either consciously or unconsciously, according to our sensitiveness, and to the quality of our own thought.

Nothing happens by chance. God is a God of order. Everything is arranged upon definite principles. Effects require causes, and like builds like. For one to govern this thinking, then, is to decide not only the conditions surrounding his own life, but to a certain extent to determine the lives of those around him. If you are selfish, you cannot help reflecting the selfish thought. Your ambitions and desires whether for material gain or for real helpfulness to others, will decide the character of your influence on those with whom you come into contact.


We must realize this thoroughly: it is a methodical, not an accidental world. By sending out into the world thoughts of hatred, we ruin bright lives, out hopes and ambitions, destroy happiness, and in fact make a literal hell.


I will say to you, if you are sending out these thoughts of malicious sarcasm, bitter irony, and ungenerous criticism, constantly surcharging the atmosphere with death and destruction that you are not only making sorrow for others, but you are attracting evil forces that will build a wall around you, barring you from heaven. Heaven has no place for evil reflections of this kind, for to enter heaven a man must have within himself conditions corresponding to the perfect harmony and beauty there.


We know that all around us there are the evil reflections from minds ignorant of the laws of God, and that the world is full of mistakes, and sorrow, malice, and envy, loss and death, and pitiful suffering; we also know that all around us is the love of God, that great power that works over and over again the miracle of raising the deal hope to life, giving sight to the blind and strength to the weak.


We must go to the source and change the inmost nature by opening our minds and hearts to this great Universal love of God that is ever waiting for a fuller expression of its divinity through us.  The love of God purifies the heart from self; it strengthens and ennobles the character, and gives higher motives and aims to every act of life. It expels the dross of our nature; it sweetens and transforms.


Yet we cling to life, and to the old ways, like selfish children, and cannot let them go. We know, that this is not God’s way, nor in keeping with the world as He planned it. The very face of the earth changes with the needs of the many seasons. But we hug close to us the old joys and sorrows, cannot relinquish the selfish hope, give up the old grudge, nor alter the old opinion.

If we would study more the earth life of that Great Spirit Christ, we would be more willing to have our own lives changed. What great service He rendered to the world by expressing so fully the love of God. On earth, in heaven, there is nothing so great, so glorious as the Christ character.


You and I contain the possibilities of this Godlike or Christ like character. As the offspring of God, we are spirit. The lower or human aspect of the spirit is soul. This is the seat of the emotions, which translated into thoughts are formulated in the mind and expressed through the body.


We as spirit must therefore see that the mind not only selects and formulates the right kind of thoughts, but that it absolutely refuses to hold any other kind. All men are as mirrors, reflecting either good or evil. By reflecting the glory of the Christ character we ourselves become Christ like.


The thoughts of those reflecting the high ideals of the Christ act upon us as invigorating and refreshing breeze. They make us feel like new beings. By the inspiration of their presence, they stimulate our faculties, and enable us to better express the good within us. Their mirrors are bright, and they are reflecting the glory of the Lord.


The one who does most for others is reflecting Christ’s character most. Assuredly, His life was a life of service. It has been said that, “THE GREATEST THING A MAN CAN DO FOR GOD, IS TO BE KIND TO SOME OF HIS OTHER CHILDREN.” What kinder service can we render our brother than to show forth the divinity within ourselves by our right thinking and living, thereby leading him to knowledge of the powers lying dormant within his own soul? Once let him recognize himself as a child of God and our brother, and he will realize his oneness with infinite life and love, and open himself to it, so that it will manifest itself more perfectly through him.


Many times the trials and sorrows of our neighbors are greater than we know. We need more of Christ’s gentleness and kindness in our everyday lives. Then we will not blame and condemn, but will radiate joy and good cheer, and instead of aiding in keeping a weaker one down, we will comfort and strengthen him until he is strong enough to stand alone.


When the world learns to radiate joy and generously, when it learns that thoughts of brotherly love uplift and improve, and that the opposite carry blight and destruction everywhere, it will have learned the true of the successful Christian life.


Universal love, which Christ expressed so perfectly is that power which works continually to bring into manifestation in men and nations the altruistic spirit of oneness. We must make ourselves clear mirrors by which this love-power of God can reflect itself to those around us. Our recognition of God’s love, and our efforts to send out thoughts of harmony, beauty, and truth will put us in touch with great, wise forces and intelligences which are always ready and eager to help those who wish to progress spiritually.

The thought that goes out in love for all is the thought that makes life full and rich, and which becomes constantly more inclusive, and larger in its influence. Be kind. The world needs it. Kindness is love active. How much better to build up than to destroy!

Let us remember that the seed of the fault we may despise in our neighbor is in ourselves. We are all made of the same material, the same evil desires, the same longing for better things; we have progressed a little further in one direction and our neighbor in another, but our paths finally will unite.


We may pass this way but one, so help, be kind and generous to one another. “ IF WE DO NOT LOVE OUR BROTHER WHOM WE HAVE SEEN, HOW CAN WE LOVE GOD WHOM WE HAVE NOT SEEN?”


The sweetest thought of all is this: the stream of love that flows through our heart and out into the world, is increased and deepened by the many streams that flow into it from other loving souls, and thus through love and loving deeds all are glorifying the Father by service to His children.


Life is more than a passing show. An increasing number of people are looking deeper than ever before into that which appears on the surface. They are finding within themselves possibilities and powers of which they were unaware until an inner prompting caused them to inquire if there that might be a surer foundation for happiness than that we have possibilities and power stored away in our own souls we must next learn how best to use them.


The first step is the control of the mind and the direction of thought. There can be no more important duty owed to ourselves and to others, than this of thought control, of self-control, which results in self-development.


Let us resolve therefore, to substitute a right though for every wrong one, a cheerful thought for every discouraging one, for in good, pure, and true thoughts, we reflect the glory of the Christ character.


All who have walked just a little way on this path toward goodness, purity, and truth, know that the discipline of our minds must be constant if we expect to continue on our journey. No one is free to put off this journey on the straight way. We do not belong to ourselves. There are countless people depending on us, people whom we have never seen, and whom we never will see. What we do decides what they will be.


Life seems very complex, but a thread of unity runs through the lives of all, leading to that ultimate perfection: GOD.


Fox Ngandu



Fox Ngandu is an employee at Mount Ecclesia.  He is from the Congo and his first language is French. He gave this talk in the Chapel on February 1, 2004. 








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