Christ Jesus will be his ideal.

Remembering the admonition of Christ. "He who would be the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all," he will endeavor each day to serve his fellowman with Love, Modesty, and Humility, in whatever capacity may be offered.

Having a firm faith in the Wisdom and Goodness of God, he will work with the trend of evolution by endeavoring to speak, act and see only the Good in his daily associations with others.

Truth, Honesty, and Justice being fundamental qualities of the Divinity within, he will strive to express them in all his thoughts, words and deeds.

Knowing that his present conditions are the result of past actions, and that he may determine future conditions by present actions, he will waste no time in envying others, but devote himself to exercising his divine prerogative of free will in sowing good seeds for the morrow.

Realizing that Silence is one of the greatest helps in soul growth, he will ever seek to cultivate Peace, Poise and Quietness.

Self-reliance being a cardinal virtue of the spiritual aspirant, he will strive to practice this virtue in thought as well as in deed.

Knowing the Within to be the only worthy tribu nal of Truth, he will endeavor to establish this tribunal and refer all matters to it for final jurisdiction.

Each day he will devote a certain period of time to meditation and prayer, endeavoring to lift himself on the wings of Love and Aspiration to the very throne of the Father.

Knowing that failure lies only in ceasing to try, he will, in the face of all obstacles, continue patiently and persistently to strive for the high ideals taught by Christ.








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